Family Fun Centre Every Day
Bowling-Licensed Lounge-Billiards-Snacks and much more...
Hello and welcome to our new page.

We bought this business nearly a year ago (July 2012) and are starting to get into the swing of things. With the help and support of our staff, friends, and family we see this business as part of our future for years to come.

Brian was a busy drywall contractor for the last 45 years, employing hundreds of guys at times, which left him very tired. His wife Linda spent her days as a cleaning lady. To young to retire but tired of the city life they came West to start a new life. Their days are spent working around the property, tending the cash register, and from time to time Brian mans the gas pumps. Getting to know the regulars makes them feel at home with no shortage of conversation. Some of the recent changes can be seen as flowers and trinkets emerge all around.

Stop by and say hello we welcome everyone and have dog treats on hand too.

Thanks for your support, we look forward to year two as we settle into this environment and social atmosphere we now call home.   

Brian and Linda's New Adventure